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  1. CA3LE, I agree that the limiting factor is RAM. My brand new, "top-of-the line" Samsung smart TV is saddled with a paltry 1.05 GB of RAM and runs slowww on "single" thread, while my home-built desktop monster has 24 Gigs and does better, but about the same with multithreading enabled.
  2. Contact AT&T's Office of the President in Texas- # is online. I persevered to where I obtained the direct #s for some of their top brass, including the regional managers for the Midwest, Marisa Harper, and SE, Richard Burns. My issues were resolved. I'll send you a msg with my email for specifics.
  3. FYI, I have a top manager at my ISP, AT&T, on the record stating that the minimum acceptable speed on my 45 Mbps connection is 24 Mbps. Unfortunately, only speedtest.net results are considered. I spoke to his boss, Richard Burns, and told him about TMN. He said he would pass it up the chain.
  4. For my fellow members, I offer a very good article on how to tweak these settings manually. This one is "from the horse's mouth", so to speak, @ /support.microsoft.com/kb/93444. Novices should probably stick with a tool like TCP Optimizer. My other devices are tweaked, too, with similar results.
  5. Also, there is some disparity with my other devices, but not as much. All other devices are tweaked to the max. We geeks have been doing this for decades through the Windows registry via 'regedit'. My area was a test market for TWC 'Roadrunner' in '95. My desktop runs mid 30s on, and low 20s off.
  6. Update for smart TV: cannot download TCP stack optimizer as this device has no hard drive, but it runs about 14 Mbps with multithreading disabled and 34+ Mbps enabled. Is this a reason for concern, or is this simply a limitation of the device?? I'm not an expert, but I would say the latter.
  7. Hey, Pgoodwin1- what is a Sophist Member? Also, I remember my sister buying a rig from Micron Electronics in 1998 'cause I was out of state. When I got back, they had given her a new populated motherboard and hard drive, so I was tasked with re-installing ALL the software- 6 cd's for Office alone!
  8. I'm currently on my smart TV so I can't post an image, but I typically download at around 35 Mbps on testmy.net on a 45 Mbps plan from AT&T. My record is a tick over 56. I have some GREAT discounts and free upgrades, so I only pay about $50 a month for the internet portion of my package.
  9. Welcome from NE Ohio. I am also a new member. I know about slowww. When I started out, if you had a 28 Kbps connection, you were a GOD! The sound of a dial-up tone trying over and over to find it's path haunts me to this day.
  10. I set up a Twitter account ([email protected]) to prove to AT&T that I was not "getting what I paid for". At first, I took an average of TMN and speedtest.net (always 5+ Mbps ↑). When I enabled multithreading, my speed doubled on TMN to approx 35 Mbps and speedtest.net strangely "capped" at 20. ???
  11. My advertised speed from AT&T is 45 Mbps and I typically download at about 35. I enabled multithreading and it more than doubled my speed (from 15 Mbps).
  12. Since you asked, CA3LE- my story: 52 yrs old; retired at 45 to start a small business building custom rigs for gamers, along with some networking for a few doctor's offices. Masters in Computer Science with Bachelors in Robotics. I started out as a programmer for a large tech company.
  13. Hey, guys. Yes, I also get far better results on both my desktop and laptop with multithreading on. Actually, more than twice as fast.
  14. I have AT&T 45 Mbps internet, but was only downloading @ about 15 'til I enabled multithreading - now 30+ (this is on my smart TV). Wondering if anyone else had a similar experience...
  15. Thanks for the info on speedtest.net CA3LE. I had no idea it was the Speakeasy dude. When I started building computers (1976), there were no speedtest sites; actually, no sites AT ALL!
  16. Hey, guys... I remember trying out the old speedtest.net back in '96 or '97 (maybe '98- I'm retired and inaccurate...). Anyhow, even back then it was obvious to tech guys (nerds, then) that the "flash" protocol was not efficient in quantifying throughput speed.
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