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  1. Ok, well, this started today. After I got a new router (my old one wasn't working), the internet has been going, well...weirdly. Ok, this is what it is, I do speed tests and see that (both testmy and speedtest) and I get only 500 KB/s down and 100 KB/s up, this is wrong. All wrong. I was downloading something via Windows (.NET Framework 3.5) updater, and I seen I was receiving between 10.3 Mbps - 19.4 Mbps in Windows Task Manager. But when I use it to do a speed test, I don't get those results. I get 4.9 Mbps down. Is this a problem with my PCs network settings? I think it's because of my
  2. I also did use this to correct my PC's settings, my WLAN card was set up incorrectly, some how it hardcoded my old modems settings (which I am sure is not possible but it did it anyway) a few resets got it to go back to default settings, updated drivers, then used the TCP/IP Optimizer, with my new internet I was getting 3 Mbps down and 4.47 Mbps up which I know something is wrong, when I changed the settings, it sky rocketed to the speed test results above. Thanks again for the help!
  3. Well I was fed up with Xfinity, not only did the internet go slow, I also experienced major packet loss (in case I didn't mention). Went back to AT&T, and I am happy with what I have now, it's slightly faster, but it's what I can work with, especially the upload speed. And better yet, no packet loss. Also in response to earlier posts, I found I was using a 2 year old modem, but I didn't even want to continue with Xfinity. My advice to people: do NOT get Xfinity. You could if you'd like, probably get better results but I recommend AT&T U-Verse internet (DSL), faster than Cable t
  4. Hi, I recently have been having issues with Comcast. So much I want to go talk to their supervisor and cuss him(or her) the heck out. But lets get to the point, about 4 months ago I did a speedtest on my new ISP(Xfinity). Terrible. Getting only 6-7 Mbps (Lowercase, downstream). I say terrible because I used to have AT&T U-Verse with a 18 Mbps (Lowercase) downstream. I don't know whether it's the modem, connection to Xfinity or something. I want to find out the source of the problem without having to deal with their "tech support." I realize a Online Forum wont help much, but it wil
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