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  1. the open wrt OR dd-wrt both does not support archer c8. Is there any other router firmware available?? I shouldve looked into aftermarket firmware compatibility before i bought this..
  2. Yeah i kinda saw. disabled NAT BOOST to enable bandwidth control. it can set min/max bandwidth usage for each port range for each ip range (so i entered ports games use. however its just setting min max usage...). How exactly do i "Prioritize" what packets/for what ports?? http://puu.sh/eCTwl/1214f3252c.pngthat is all there is (and what i tried so far), and the manual's worthless. Doesn't say anything about prioritization of packets/ports getting SOME weird mixed results
  3. Actually wth... the TPLINK c8 doesnt have that feature zzz What other ways can o set up packet prioritization?
  4. Thanks for the response! Never happened before on any other ISPs i used in the past. Packet prioritization on my router, yes? ill try that. I have a tp link archer c8
  5. I pay for 50down, 5up. I get the speeds most of the time. Not a problem. However, anytime (100% of the time) if i use any bandwidth (WITH program/download/livestreaming/etc, download or especially upload) my internet connection response time as a whole, go through the roof. The easiest example of usage would be to just do a normal speed test: If im in a game the ping would skyrocket (especially during upload test) and experience massive delays, Pinging google.com -> add an additional few hundred ms while test being downloaded/uploaded Browsing or loading video (4K video, et
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