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  1. Ok, so the tech said he is going to come back tonight around 6pm - 7pm with a line tech to see what's going on. I was surprised!
  2. Lol! I know my wife had talked to them on the phone and she was about to crazy between getting hung up on and one person trying to force her to signup for phone service, when all she wanted was to get a tech out to look at the service. Well, we got a tech out the next day and he got back up and running, after a few more phone calls. lol The guy got here today right at 1pm, so thats nice I explained the time to speed issue with the internet so he's doing his tests right now. We'll see what happens...
  3. I'm almost positive that it's not an issue with the wifi since the network name/password is secure or at least it's not set to known router defaults. I'm testing on a hardwired connection for my computer, so I know it's not wifi interference or loss either. We're not using the internet too heavly either, so it's not us. lol I gave the manager a detailed reply that the issue is with the speed dropping down to 5-10 Mbps during the time between 5pm - 11pm, but I guess he figured sending a tech is the best solution right now. I'm going to let the tech know that the issue seems to only happen in the evening after 6pm. I'm almost positive he won't find any issues inside with the wiring.
  4. They should be here today in a few hours. Yeah, right now the speed is actually running above what we're provisioned for. It's around 6pm that things get really bad. I have the auto test running to get a better time line idea.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. We recently signed up with Comcast 50 Mbps. Had some issues with the service for the first couple weeks on and off. Finally it went out on Friday, so we had a tech come over on Saturday. Things are much better and so far we're not getting any modem reboots. But fortunately this speed test site has been helpful for figuring that we're getting really slow speeds during the peak time. It averages around 4 Mbps -10 Mbps during the times between 5:30pm - 11:00pm. I've spoken to one of the local officials in charge to get another tech to come out on Wednesday to hopfully figure out what's going on.
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