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  1. Why Didn't you get a C2D setup?...It's much faster and probably cheaper
  2. I have a xbox and I just bought the advanced av cables because I what dolby digital. When i plug the toslink cable to the advanced av thing and the back of the suround system it works but it seems like the sound is off by 1 or 2 seconds and it is really pissing me off. Any ideas why it would be off by 1or 2 seconds and how can i fix it.. Thanks
  3. In my area it is $34.99 for sbc yahoo dsl 3mb d and 384k u.
  4. today i was thinking of selling all of my game things. here is the list. (remember i am selling it all at gamestop) black gamecube 2 wavebirds controllers 2 nintendo 251 memory cards 1 8mb memory card 1 64mb memory card gamecube broadband adapter 6 translucent gamecases 1 6 foot controller extenstion gamecube to gba link cable madden 2004 animal crossing with memeory card madden 2002 thps3 ufc throwdown phantasy star online episode 1and 2 007 nightfire allstarbaseball 2002 splinter cell soul caliber 2 turok evoultion backyard baseball starwars rogue leader madden 2003 nhl hits 2002 timespliiters 2 nfl 2k3 moh:frontline ssx tricky davemirra freestyle bmx 2 nfl street moh:rising sun starwars rebel strike rogue squadron 3 f-zero gx nhl 2004 vietiful joe XII ncaa footbal 2004 mariokart double dash 1080 avalanch prince of persia sands of time true crime streets of l.a mario golf toadstool tour gamecase that holds 12 games 1 extra a/c power thing for gamecube gameboy advance system madden 2002 for gba thps 2 for gba car adapter+a/c adapter for gba powerpuff game for gbc pokemon silver game gallery 2 for gbc rugrats the movie game link cable that all lot of shit. how much money would i get (remember i am selling it at gamestop).
  5. I got the system at cyber power.
  6. # 2ND_USB: STANDARD 2 USB PORT CONNECTORS [+0] # CAS: X-BLADE Mid-Tower 450W W/ WINDOW & LCD Temperature Display + FAN CONTROL [+21] (BLACK COLOR [+0]) # CD: COMBO DRIVE (16X DVD-ROM & 52x32x52 CD-RW) [+45] (BLACK COLOR [+0]) # CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Processor (512K L2 CACHE) [+49] # FAN: AMD CERTIFIED CPU FAN & HEATSINK [+0] # FLOPPY: 1.44 MB FLOPPY DRIVE [+0] (BLACK COLOR [+0]) # HDD: 120GB 7200 RPM ATA 100 HARD DRIVE [+16] # KEYBOARD: PS2 MULTIMEDIA INTERNET CONTROL KEYBOARD [+0] (BLACK COLOR [+3]) # MOUSE: Microsoft
  7. I have $920 dollars to spend on a computer. I what to see your opinion on what to buy.(dont include a moniter)
  8. i have windows 98 and im thinking of downloading linux should i?
  9. I have sbc yahoo dsl and the package i got is the 1.5 d and 128 u. I get like 1352 d on test and 294 u . What should i tweak my setting to? Thanks
  10. can u tell me the best free internet speed increaser. Thank
  11. thats your download. all scores u seen where of upload not download
  12. Speed Test Results Your connection rating is: [Test Home | Re-Test] [Look for broadband in your area...] Your connection is: 2396 Kbps (about 2.4 Mbps) You downloaded at: 292 KB/sec Your TRuSPEED
  13. I have dsl and for the past 3 month my upload was about 300 but know the last few test im getting like only 150 . why i have spysweeper and sbybot i need help.
  14. If u had thr same speed on both dsl and cable such as 3 down and 500 up. U would get better ping with dsl then if u had cable.
  15. yah for sbc yahoo dsl i get 2gb for mailbox size.
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