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  1. i am paying for 45mb down and getting 1mb got att uverse and my ps4 is on stand by and downloading a game but wouldmthis reallynslom me this much
  2. Thank you for you helped alot. My next prob or question is I was at bestbuy they tried selling me on some expensive hdmi cable should i them or cheaper ones thanks again
  3. I have At&t UVerse 24mb net but i was wondering should i replace the wires that came with my UVerse would that improve anything thank you
  4. I upgraded to the 24mb and it seems it was worth it 18mb not bad but does hicups a bit thanks for reply
  5. Is 18mb ok for ps4 gaming online or should I up to 24mb and why thank you anyone who can help and explain
  6. I have Att UVerse max pro it 18mbs and i play online games with PS4. Just found out about TestMy.net and loving it .
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