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  1. nah not a troll just sharing info i recieve from a friend in prtc/verizon who used to work for adelphia now onelink got a friend who works for prtc/verizon she told me they were going to charge for extra bandwidth used but doesn't know yet the limit they're going to impose
  2. one of the major problems with DMAX DSL is that starting from August PRTC/Verizon is going to start charging from extra-bandwidth used...
  3. they confirmed this? that they won't uncap it? did they say why?
  4. and of course he won't tell you to trust testmy numbers. they have a fixed a counter for their own speed tests that tells you everything is good and fine don't trust their speedtest it is fixed
  5. any word on when they'll unblock/uncap/unlimit the p2p and bittorrent now that things are "fixed"?
  6. problems haven't been repaired prican onelink servers are giving a lot of timeout errors even the techs say the problem will be solved sometime in march don't expect full info from the techs since they've been recieving training to misinform people about the p2p bittorrent issue just take a look at the posts about they forcing you only to have connection to view pages and write email you have to ask the people here who have insiders in onelink like drebel who claims to have friends inside
  7. SpeechChaser: El "encryption" (encripcion) es una medida para enmascarar la data del P2P o el BitTorrent para que Onelink no te limite la velocidad de lo que bajas al momento de bajarlo. El mejor sistema de descarga (y subida) es: BitTorrent. Bajate un programa de BitTorrent, como lo es el de Azureus ( http://azureus.sourceforge.net ) y prueba buscando lo que quieras en los diferentes trackers que ofrecen contenido de bittorrent: http://www.torrentz.com/ http://www.torrentspy.com/ etc. Ojo: Antes de instalar Azureus sigue las instrucciones de la pagina que te dice que debes tener instalado Java antes de Azureus. Una vez tengas la ultima version del Java instalado en tu computadora, usa Azureus. Y, alli puedes investigar como activar el "encryption" para aumentar un poco las velocidades de descarga.
  8. yeah they're using packeteer just try using bittorrent without any encrypted connections and see what slow speeds you get use them with encryption and the speeds go up a little but it's better than nothing all this crap gives me a headache
  9. any word on when they'll unblock or unlimit bittorrent?
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