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  1. I am in the mountains about 45 minutes west of Denver, Colorado. Glad to be here in the forums with you all. CenturyLink is my ISP here, and I pay for their 12Mbs down/1Mbs up. Every couple of weeks the connection goes down, so I started using Network Logger Pro on my laptop to record a history log of my download speeds (tested every 30 minutes), up times, and down times. I have to tell Network Logger Pro two different sites to download test files from. The first site I use is WSWD.net who hosts download test files on a servers in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. I am using a file hosted in Dallas. I still need to provide Network Logger Pro with the url of second download test file, but I don't want to use the ones in LA. Do you know the url of any 10-20MB files hosted on a reliable server anywhere in the central mountain area or central U.S.? Thanks.
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