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  1. Hi, good news I managed to sign in via FB after all, and I even ran a test. not that I'm happy with that one, but that is not your fault. Thanks again, I will try and run a 24 hour test now to show my provider. Kind regards Monika.
  2. Hi I tried to run both tests and they are not working for me. Then I tried to run them on different browsers and I can't sign in to FF. I tried to sign in with Facebook,that did not work either.for Chrome. I think I also need to cancel this account (Pale Moon) and try again. Somehow I messed up my username and I can't get in. Am scared if the browser crashes I won't be able to get back in. But apart from that I still can't run the auto tests, signed in or not, which is weird. any help would be appreciated.
  3. thank you so much, I will try this again and let you know. My lappies is on 24/7, am playing a game which never stops, and I don't like the performance and decided to test my speed and was a bit disappointed, not realizing that there is such a difference between wifi and internet.
  4. Hi there I have been trying to set up a 24 hour speed test a few times but I can't get it going past the first test, I am sure I pushed all the buttons, I mean there are only a few to set with the combined test, is fairly straight froward, but they won't run for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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