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  1. Hi new here and confused.. need help clearing the clouds Have had issues with carrier and service and have had placed numerous calls.. I finally (hopefully) connected with a rep in repair that started off with WOW you have a variance in signal .. this was before I even had the chance to explain why I was calling.. I called because I seen there was changes in packages and what my pkg was.. they claim 50Mbps ...when I ran their speed test it showed I hmmm was close but I googled sights for testing and all others were low... when I re-did the test on my carriers site .. I did it without signing into my acct and it showed just about the same as here.. (hence WHY I called repair,, and without telling them other sights I checked) repair came and left today and I str8 told them that I tested in different sights,, he was a 3rd party contractor and would only say that it should be better now.. NOT .. I did have your site run the combo test for the 12 test.... is there anyone that can truly help me if I post them to understand what is and what isn't ?? I have a preferred pkg of 50 Mbps and cost is $69 monthly thank you
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