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  1. TMN has been my go-to speed testing site over the last 10+ years, from when I had Verizon FIOS to crappy vDSL living in the Dallas/Denton area. I finally got 1Gbps AT&T fiber to my home installed this week, but now I'm not getting the speeds on TMN compared to the vast majority of sites. Linear testing on all US servers is anywhere from 175Mbps to 300Mbps, abysmal compared to Ookla and ISP speed test sites, and half of what Mlabs (google internet speed test) and Fast.com reports. But if run express multithread, then TMN aligns much closer to what the majority of sites report. I've gone as far as setting up a Linux box and just doing raw downloads from Dallas-area datacenters with wget, but even those download speeds are still reporting much higher than TMN, and closer to what I'm supposedly paying for. This problem has me vexed to the extent that I reconfigured my network to make sure that the problem isn't local. Am I paying for Gbps service and not getting it? Routing issue to TMN? I hope to get some help figuring this out.
  2. Yet another year later and FIOS speeds holding true. Currently hosting a web/ftp server on it, one that does not see public use but rather for my own learning experience. Can't say the same about FIOS TV...was told that my area was eligible, signed up for it, then never heard from them for a month. Called to confirm and was told it would be ready in another month. And yet another month passes with an install date for a month later so cancelled it. I guess FIOS TV isn't ready for me.
  3. I'm curious, what MTU settings would you recommend on the router side? I believe my RV082 is set to auto, which I think is 1492. If I fiddle with this setting would it make any significant difference in the speeds?
  4. Well Fios speeds are still holding true. So far I've only experienced one serious outage out here in Wylie, and according to FIOS support, it was area-wide and nothing to do with my local installation...it lasted about 4-6 hours in the off hours. What's bad is that when your fiber goes down, your phone service goes down too. So it's always good to have a cellphone for backup... Some observations I've made (which may already have been documented elsewhere): 1) Port 80 is blocked...so use 8080 or some other port if you want to host a web server. 2) Port 21 is not blocked...so you can host ftp servers 3) VPN ports are not blocked, (443, 500, 1723, etc) so you can host vpn servers or use vpn passthrough 4) Don't install the verizon software bundle if you can at all help it...(esp that annoying ip insight client) 5) No need to use their DLink router ... I'm using the Linksys RV082 to connect to my FIOS service (BTW, does anybody know what the default logon is for the dlink?) 6) IP refreshes about every 2-3 weeks from what I've observed...so if you host a server, go with a ddns service and/or an ip updater client Now if somebody would make a list of all the games that work on VPN...
  5. Hi all First time here, and first time I've used this site for speed testing. Kudos to the staff here. Just got FIOS installed 2/9/05. After ditching the D-Link router, I'm using my Linksys RV082 VPN router to connect to the service. Check out these speeds! :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 1767 Kbps about 1.8 Mbps (tested with 2992 KB) Upload Speed is:: 216 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Thu Feb 10 2005 06:17:42 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 32X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 4.74 sec Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/id-H21XY5BIL :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 15492 Kbps about 15.5 Mbps (tested with 12160 KB) Download Speed is:: 1891 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Thu Feb 10 2005 06:20:48 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 277X faster than 56K 1MB download in 0.54 sec Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/id-JZ1RXF507
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