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  1. crazy, goes to show you what staring at you computor screen can do to you !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I dont think the modem cares how many peers are connected. It is just all data to the modem. Sounds like a setup problem with the bittorrent program or you are using so much of your bandwidth that there is nothing left for the upload side to ask for request for more packets. The rule of thumb is download at only 80% of your advertised speed.
  3. You are right I did compress everything before I found out it was a bad idea. I just checked under the folders properties tab, advanced and the compress folder is checked. I confirmed the few black text folders I have are not compressed. Thanks now i know why and what can be done.
  4. the font color is greyed out under the icon item so i cant change it. any ideas how to activate it ?
  5. Anybody know how to change the color of the text that shows the name to the right of my folders in XP. I installed a internet program from Adobe to convert files to pdf on there website and it changed the color of the text that names all my folders to blue from black and i don't like it. Anybody else experience this or know where the setting is to change the folder text color ?
  6. What do you have to do to get 90% of wired speed. I have a Belkin Pre n wireless router and I can hardly get over 1/10th of my wired speed with it on the other computor.
  7. only time i have trouble with mine is when i get snow on the dish. brush it off and all is good.
  8. glad to hear you found it. That is a tough one. why did the manufacture not inform you of this?
  9. I read that also but it is for an ambit modem and I cant find how to do it with the mototrola SB5100
  10. Yes I agree that the time of day and the amount of traffic can make a diffrence. I see though where others on Comcast with the same download tier are getting speeds right up to there caps and some over during the peak internet times of the day. I am just trying to maximize my conection and cant understand why I cant even get close. The timing out on the first hop concerns me and the mismatch condition was concerning me. (dont no if this is an actual problem at this point though.)
  11. How do you force the half duplex setting in the modem. I found where it shows that it is 100 full duplex but not how to change it.
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