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    StandsWithStik reacted to j7n in So how goes windows 10???   
    The forum software is indeed slow. A number of forums have changed the engines within last one or two years, and become slower and more difficult to use. The owners would probably say that they had to update in order to have a "supported" version. I'm sure that the main reason for these updates is to make the sites look like Twitter and Google Plus - "flat", and with strange terms like "content" and "follow" in place of common words like post, thread and subscription. For similar reasons flat "metro" design exists, and applications like CCleaner are compelled to change. Several people complained about MSFN's change of the board engine, and the reduced flexibility of formatting. (It is not possible to access a BBCode view in most new forums to compose long posts with multiple quote elements.) And despite that a major purpose of that board is to support Windows 98/2000 (never mind XP), they went forward and updated the forum anyway. Their site is a higher profile one... Some small forums still exist in 2016, running on vBulletin or older phpBB.
    Proponents of flat, metro, material, xaml and social media style UI's will still claim that they are faster to render, when the opposite is obviously the case.
    Disabling of JavaScript is still very useful on the modern web, and it can improve the experience. Most sites are indeed dynamic and require it, even if they could have been faster and more accessible if they were designed [without scripting]. Every once in a while I come over a site that does the following: after a few seconds or when I scroll down, the site spawns a frame of text that obstructs half of the screen asking me to "register to continue reading" or "sign up to a newsletter"; if I have blocked advertisements, they might redirect me to another page or dim all text, or it might interfere with scrolling, or prevent selecting, copying or right-clicking. In Opera, I can press F12 and disable JavaScript or referrer sending as soon as the page has loaded, and enable it back on when I'm done – without accessing Settings or downloading extensions.
    Maybe Opera should have changed their brand name when they released an entirely different product. "Opium" is more appropriate.
    I can still input a plain text reply in Opera, but any formatting exercises my patience.
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    StandsWithStik got a reaction from j7n in So how goes windows 10???   
    i use an older version of  opera (presto) for reading mostly text & some images, and RSS feeds. i'm still pissed that opera removed most of its features when it jumped to webkit.
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    StandsWithStik got a reaction from j7n in So how goes windows 10???   
    web... damn the javascript in tbhis new board code is madly slow in opera. and the reply box doesn't work with javascript turned off. wtf


    ^ i know it's bothersome but isn't that the point of permissions, to avoid misuse of files by hackers or other people who may be using your computer? although it is weird that an OS upgrade would make you lose your permissions if you usually login with admin/root privileges
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    StandsWithStik got a reaction from mudmanc4 in So how goes windows 10???   
    Let me get this straight.... IF someone buys anything from Windows Shop, he/she bascially installed online-DRM for Windows 10 , like Diablo 3's server crashing DRM?!?

    How is this ever a good idea? Someone should come up for hack for this, or something to completely remove Windows Shop files on a harddrive. From my point of view, it's Malware now.
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    StandsWithStik got a reaction from CA3LE in Win 7 and Win 10 to Tweak or no?   
    well... read the FAQ about flash-based tests? but if you really want to feel less cheated, turn on multi-thread and use mercury-test on a google or CDN server. the results SHOULD be similar.
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    StandsWithStik reacted to Neilz HaZe in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    you have to understand that you will never get close to the maximum WiFi speeds.. My laptop can connect at 950 mbs to my router using AC 5g WiFi, but I can never transfer files in my local network at that speed, about half of it though.. Really helps with my internet which maxes out at 340 Mb/s.
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    StandsWithStik got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Some Of The Best Direct Internet?   
    i'm jealous.when my old school first connected to the internet ~1996, they probably couldn't get more than 56kbps, shared among 30 computers in  1 room.
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