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  1. I am with Comcast and am going through the same things as the topic creator. I've been through about 6-7 techs all claiming everything is fine. One rewired my power lines and cables inside my house. I also purchased a Surfboard and got the exact same results as the 10-15 router/modem combos that Comcast has given me. I game on my PS3, XBOX 360, and PC. I get constant lag on all of them. My speeds are usually 20/4, despite paying for 75/15 with a cable connection but they fluctuate constantly. However, I recently switched to Verizion Fios' 75/75 package, Unfortunately I experienced the exact same thing as Comcast. My speeds were much higher but they fluctuated much more. I went through a few techs and routers with them as well before I cancelled my service to avoid getting locked in a contract. Anyhow, I just wanted to give some insight and hopefully save you from making a jump to another company without checking other alternatives. I am right outside of Philadelphia, Pa by the way. My only assumption is it's an area thing.
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