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  1. Just another update for you, yes you know who you are, (imaginary friends are so fickle if you don't mention them) Anyhoo, Although it's only been a few days since BT did some backhall work, it seems (not much data yet) that while there is improvement, its not really that great. maybe the peak contention has just moved up the network a bit, or the ISP is still oversubscribing there I/O paths I don't really think that a 20Mbps is acceptable for the main hours of usage between 19:00- 23:00, not when you have been sold 80/20 and you know none peak is stable well above 50Mbps for as l
  2. It's just that I can take a hint, no matter how subtle... Upload test BUMHO9E <=> Up your Bum Hole.... I can cut back testing if I'm hogging your bandwidth?
  3. Just another update - and yes I realise I'm probably talking to myself (nothing new there.) Passed to the 21C Capacity Management team Upgrade work planned for completion on the 6th Although going by Fridays tests, it may have already been done. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=05022015&x=7&l=100&q=transmitthis Small dips that are insignificant, and no more of the peak 4hour troughs from thursday
  4. Just an update, and thanks for the owner of testmy.net, as the monitoring has been most useful Engineer, knew it was a congestion issue 3 seconds after arriving and seeing my computer screen with the graph on it. So we have a hot Virtual Path (VP) Contention in the pathway between ? and ? because really it could be anywhere between my local exchange through to my ISP and back out to the internet. Hopefully now they know, they can test for it at peak times and find where it is and effect a repair, replace, upgrade of equipment or even switch me to a less congested route.
  5. Ignore my mention of that "card" me getting confused with American FTTPremisis/Home Anyhoo, thanks for the reply, glad your drops are not bad. Unfortunately mine last 3-4hours and right when I'm wanting to sit down at the PC to do some work. BT tests show a fault, and Zen have got some fault tracking and ping tests ongoing, as well as an engineer booked for tomorrow, so we should see some improvement soon. Shame to see that congestion / contention / oversubscription is an ongoing problem, even when moving to fiber, I guess its just the luck of the draw as to how congested your
  6. Hi, New to testmy, and to fiber so excuse any lapses in my knowledge Just signed up with Zen Internet, and I'm on the 80/20 to the cab, Speeds, when they are stable are fantastic around 74Mbps/17Mbps However I'm getting some packet loss and at 19:30 the speed drops down to single figures really slow until around 22:30 when it goes back up to normal, (albeit with a little packet loss) My research leads me to think this is over congestion / over subscription of the PON card, or a faulty card. Anyone have these peak issues
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