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  1. I too am on Windows 7. When I was running Vista I had 5.9 in everything except my hard drive pulled it down to 5.3.
  2. Looks like they added quite a few things. http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/features.html
  3. If you hurry you can get acronis 10 for free, which I have used and works well. Also as mentioned Drive Image XML is good, which I exclusively now. Oops, sorry here is the link to acronis 10 http://www.acronis.co.uk/mag/ati10pe
  4. Thanks for the help. I ended up going with the LG L227WTG. It had good reviews and seems like a good monitor. My only worry is about the poor rap that TN panels get. Anyone here have this monitor?
  5. hi, Just wanted to get some opinions on these monitors that I have been looking at. Dell E228WFP DELL SP2208WFP DELL ULTRASHARP 2208WFP I do lots of image editing so color accuracy and contrast are the most important. I will be calibrating the monitor though. Does anyone use any of these LCD's or what would you recommend for a 22" LCD? Thanks in advance.
  6. Oh yea forgot, running xp pro. I used drive image xml to create it but since I did a drive to drive image I can not do an incremental backup since I did not use xml format to backup. Yes it will be interested to hear what others do. I don't like backing up to a proprietary format but rather backup the same as copying and pasting a file.
  7. Hi all been awhile since I have posted on here (do alot of lurking though). I have a hard drive that is a backup drive that is an image of my C:, I have tested it to boot up and all works ok. What program or method would be best to be able to make incremental backups to it including new software that I have installed or anything that has been added to my main C: ? I have made the image so if something fails (windows ) on my main C: drive I can just swap them out and remake the image (obviously) but my backup image is way out of date. Thanks in advance.
  8. Good deal, glad I could help.
  9. There is a reg key you can add to your registry to delete compress old files from disk cleanup. Add this to a text file. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerVolumeCachesCompress old files] and rename the text file whatever you want but change the extension to .reg I have done it on all my machines and only takes a few seconds to run disk cleanup.
  10. I've got 300 and 250 GB drives in my desktop, 80 external, added my other old external 60 gig drive to my tivo, and have 60 in my laptop.
  11. Here is a link you may want to check out http://winhlp.com/WxDMA.htm.
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