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  1. Thanks! Your bandwidth is astonishing! I'm not sure my pc can write to hard drives that fast !
  2. I think that was me. I know these types of scams only need a tiny fraction of respondents to be "successful". But, I am surprised that they get any at all it so ridiculous. I do like the idea of wasting their time if it didn't waste mine too, lol. Replying that you reside at the White House is pretty funny as well!
  3. Hope the cold is history Good point. Yeah, no cable; And, too far down the road for DSL, Not enough lots (customers) to motivate cable or phone company to upgrade equipment..bla.bla bla. Supposedly, the FCC wants broadband treated like phone service. The law requires that if a company wants to provide phone service to an area, they HAVE to provide it to everyone that wants it in that area whether "there are enough customers down that road" or not. We'll see if this is ever implemented for broadband. Anyway, an update to my story. Turns out when it is really foggy, or rainy, my connection is even worse, like almost nothing. So this weekend, several more trips up my fir tree to change out the wimax radio for a different one, and reoriented it to a different AP. The connection has improved to 3 Mbps down. But it is clear and sunny. We'll have to wait for in-climate whether for a true test. ; ) Another interesting thing is that before, testmy.net reported a slightly slower connection when compared with speedtest.net. Now the opposite is true with the adjusted connection. I'm guessing that means that the quality as well as the speed is improved?
  4. Hello back at you! Yes, we live on the Olympic Peninsula, and the landscape and the quick access to it is amazing. It's just frustrating living so close to Microsoft and Amazon, to name a couple, yet have access to the internet far below many 3rd world communities.
  5. Just wanted to "officially" say hello in the the correct category; Hi Guys! (including gals of course if there are any) What a great job Damon has done here! Firstly, I am really jealous of the bandwidth some of you folks have. Even the speeds that you complain about, lol. I live only 50 miles from Seattle, yet there is no DSL, no cable, no BPL. My choices are satellite and a couple of small companies offering wireless Line of Sight or Near Line of Sight solutions. I had been with one of them for about 5 years, and the download speed went from an average of 800 Kbps in the beginning to 500-0 Kbps recently. So, I've switched to the other provider. To be able to achieve near line of sight to their Access Point, I had to install the 2.4 Ghz radio 75 feet up in a Douglas fir tree. I've had the service a little over a week so far now. The service is supposed to supply 3.0 Mbps download. It does on occasion, but not very often. So far, they seem willing to try and improve the connection. I got tired of running a speed test here and there when I was at home and able to, and so my search began for a better way to gain an understanding of what the connection was over time. Obviously I found TestMy.net and the auto feature is working well to establish that understanding. Coupled with a task in Windows that wakes my pc up 5 min. before the scheduled test, and then goes back to sleep 5 minutes later. My data is starting to stack up.....Thanks Damon! I'll drop a noob question in now. When a test completes, one of the metrics is "some % faster/slower than your average" (see screenshot). Since this differs from the average listed in my graph of all data points, what time frame is that metric generated from? Now a suggestion. For the Auto test function, add a time parameter that can be set rather than just a start button. For example. If I want my auto testing done at the top of the hour, I can just set that and hit start, and at the top of the hour, the series will begin. It's not that big of a deal to just wait for the top of the hour and hit start, which is what I did. But it would be handy. In conclusion, I've read a fair amount of the FAQ threads, and have taken the advise to download and run TCP optimizer. Unfortunately, I don't think there was too much improvement, if any, in my meager bandwidth. Anyway, thanks again for your work here, Damon.
  6. Perfect. Since my post, I had found the "Share the Query" link and found how it works, but since I'm new, I was unable to come edit my post until it was approved. Nice tip about changing the amount of data points from 100 to 1000.. Thank You!
  7. Hi Guys, New to Testmy.net, 1st post! Is there an option to set Max results for the graph as the default display. When I change it to Max, it will show max to me the next time, but that is because I am logged in. I would like it to show Max results in the graph that I share to someone not logged in (e.g. my isp ) Of course they could change it themselves, but I would prefer to deliver the graph displaying max results, and not 25. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!
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