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  1. Question about speeds

    I will have to try that test. I eliminated the network switch I was using and just connected my pc straight to the router and I ended up getting 70 down and 26 up the other night when I tested it. I believe that is only a slight improvement on just my download speed. I also thought about the possibility that my onboard nic would be bottlenecking me but testing like you said should show that. It seems obvious that the network switch I was using must not be the greatest but I don't know why it would cause problems like that. Any thoughts on any of this?
  2. Question about speeds

    I just ran the multithread test for download speed and got around 76. I didn't see that there was an option for multithread for upload but i ran it anyways since I had it enabled and it was still around 26. I went out and bought a new router to see if maybe the router that they didn't give me for free like they said I was going to get would do any better. I ended up walking out of best buy with the linksys 1200ac+. I am not seeing any increase in speed for myself but honestly I am not surprised. Here is the interesting part in all of this though. My sister also bought a new mac book pro while we were at best buy that has ac wireless connectivity. I ran the testmy on her laptop using the new router and she was getting 60 down and 70 up on wireless. This has me thinking that I need to look into my pc and make sure the bios and everything is completely up to date and re-test. I am thinking I am losing a lot in that aspect because I haven't updated my bios in like 2 years. I am also running a pretty long ethernet cable to a switch into my room so maybe the length of the cable has something to do with it. I doubt the switch is causing any problems because its a gigabit switch. All the cabling throughout is at least cat5e also. I do agree with you spulder. I doubt if I bring any of this up to Frontier they are just going to tell me to run their speedtest where it shows I am getting like 80/50 and they will say that is adequate. The funny thing is when I ran the speedtest.net on my sisters macbook pro it was saying she was getting 98/80 which is pretty hilarious.
  3. Question about speeds

    Hey everyone, I just purchased the 100 down/ 100 up package that Frontier offers. According to speedtest.net I am getting around 90/55 on that testing service. When I test on this site it shows that I am getting around 55/26. Which number should I really be trusting here? Do you guys think it is worth it to bring up to my ISP about the discrepancy between speeds that I am actually getting to what I am supposed to get "up to" 100/100? The package below the one I purchased is 50/50. So technically if the numbers from this site are more generally accepted then I am paying more for the speed I am getting than I really should.
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