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  1. it's all about the $$$$$ folks. You can make any junk work if you have the customer count dway and dtv does. also Hughes the parent company is more concerned with tv at the moment, they want to get HD rollin hard before they fix any internet related issues. Maybe if we b*&$ch long enough they will do something about it. It all boils down to better equipment that we all desperately need, both on our end and Hughes part....Ahmen brothers and sisters....
  2. Thank you for the welcome, this is a fun site eerr forum...Im just a geek that likes to play with his toys lol
  3. Thedish for the 4000 is the same for the 6000 only diff is the apperance. You need to be carefull what you are changing and all the work you are going to go through and you might be wasting your money. The 4000s are a dime a dos, I have 3 laying aroud my shop and I just play with them. The self hosted sys are the way to go. (no software to jack with on the comp) I went to the 7000 and never had it better 1200 down and 200 or better up and my sig is only 50 most of the time... I found out the key lies in the bird and the transponder that you are on and its peram settings.
  4. I can't understand why they put so many customers on this bird with the same transponder and most seen to have the same problems. I wonder how many they can actually put on one and retain performance.
  5. Anyone ever think of or try to use an inline amplifier on the receive end. Of couse this must be rated for the right freq in GHZ. Just courious if this would do anything at all or be harmfull to your sys....I know probably really stupid for even thinking or wanting to attemp to do this its just Im an electronic freak and always waanting to try something new to play with lol
  6. Thank you for the reply. I was afraid of that being the case. I guess Id better fill up my coffee pot and grab my translation book lol and try to give them a good reason for the change, which they did in first place before my up grade from dw6000. And of course my realignment three days ago
  7. I recently changed my frequency from 1150 to 1290 and my rec to vertical instead of hor and peaked out at 83 sig strength from previous 49 sig strength. But when I go through the whole setup and reset my terminal it goes back to the settings I started with. How do you keep the settings to stay where you change them, do I have to have dway in the picture...Please help
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