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  1. Yes, mudmanc4, I am using OpenVPN setup with the pfSense router/firewall. I am also using UDP. Yes , maybe it is the exit node. Strangely, the VPN server load is at 7% and just did another download speed test and it shows 19.5Mbps I guess I'm just a little disappointed, since the VPN service touted its service as a high speed. Thanks mudmanc4.
  2. Thank You mudmanc4 and editorsean for your help. Sorry it took so long to respond. @ mudmanc4, Yes I am tunneling through my pfSense router/firewall to a VPN server. Yes, I agree the higher the hash and packet assembly and disassembly would slow it down.. I was looking at a 30% throughput loss which was the figure the VPN service provider had said. @editorsean, so it runs over a single TCP connection. I can see how that would slow it down. I have no control over the VPN server settings. My isp's connection is at about 100Mbps . The VPN Service had said that speed loss should be about 30%. So that should put me at around 70Mbps. I also looked at the VPN server load and it is around 7%. I just did a test just now , single thread, and it came back with 4.5Mbps. It seems like it has a hard time on test 3 at 35.1MB . It really slows down then. Not sure if there is anything I could do?
  3. First post here. Nice Site. I am curios if this is possible. I am using a Motorola Surfboard Cable modem model sb6141 with a pfSense router/ firewall using a VPN server. My non VPN internet speed is at 100Mbps. When I test my speed using the VPN I get 35.5Mbps. From what I have read from the VPN service I should only loose about 30% of my speed wich should put me at around 70Mbps Is there anyway to speed this up??
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