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  1. Hello Everybody..

    Hope you are doing well...

    Well.... back to testmy after around 2 months, ahhh!!! Feels great  :laugh:

    It will remain one of my favorite sites  :smile2:

    So, coming to the point, I need to cut a part from a mp3 file format and need to retain the file in the same format.

    Please tell me some application

    Would appreciate some replies


  2. Sorry i got late in my reply...

    so,,,... i have changes the brands. its not a bad brand match....

    actually it has stoped working.

    well not to worry now. i contacted my vendor. it's in warranty period  :wink2:

    he will get it repaired .. YO  :cool2:

    Thanks to all by the way

  3. Well!!! I am having some problem in my SONY DVD WRITER.

    It was working fine few days back. But now i am unable to write DVD's from it. Though DVD-RW can be perfectly recorded but having some problem in DVD-R. I have wasted over 10 DVD's now. now looks serious and confusing too.  [nerdly]:roll:

    when i write DVD-R after 1% it shows power calliberation error.

    but i can write DVD-RW. no probs with it.

    can anybody plz help me  :cry2:

    Thank u

  4. Thanks resopalrabotnick.

    Actually budget is less then Rs.2k (50$ app.). i need to run some basic games. As i told u earlier also that i am thinking to sell my computer in beginning of next year. so there is no point of investing that much money on this piece of shit. that's why i will prefer a basic card, most probably xfx 6200.

  5. thanks a lot guys. i think i will go for 7300 GT.  :smitten:

    But the prob is it can go outta my budget. the price here is reasonable but in my country i.e. India i don't think that i will get rates like this.. it will surely touch clouds  :roll::cry2:

    can anybody tell me for how much will i get 7300 gt or xfx 6200 in India?

    i would be thankful to u  :smile2:

  6. Hi everybody. i am back after a long time  :grin2:

    nice to see those forums which i started previously.  :smile2:

    well coming to the point... i need help from my seniors members here. i am planning to buy a graphics card. i have a very low budget  :sad3:. actually i need to sell my computer in beginning of next year and my graphics card has been damaged physically. so i need one in which i priced less

    I have following desktop config:

    intel 845 ge chipset motherboard

    2.4 ghz processor

    760 mb of RAM

    one AGP 8x slot

    plz reply me with ur opinions

    i would be thankful to u :smile2:

  7. Hi, I have to put some videos in my motorola V3i. Those video's are of around 30-40 mb each. This size is too large to be put up in mobile. can anybody tell me how can i reduce the quality of the video or any other alternate way to it.

    i would be thankful to u.


  8. Hi All TMN members.

    I got a new Sony DVD writer. When i insert a blank cd into it and click the drive in 'my computer', i can see an error saying, "Not accesible. Incorrect function."

    can anybody plz tell me what the problem is? I will be very thankful to u.


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