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    I'm at my wits end.  I live in the country and I am on a wireless internet service provider.  We have a receiver on the roof that points to their tower etc.  We are supposed to get 6mb of speed and we do as long as no one is using it.  However, the minute we do anything...such as streaming netflix...it basically crashes to a very low speed and even Netflix then has to buffer etc.  So the internet guys are telling me it is just Netflix.  Except that even when I cut Netflix off and hook straight up to the POE and test, the speed still stays down.  It won't go down until we stream or download, but it won't go back when we stop.  In addition, we can only do one thing at a time.  The provider we had before only had speeds of about 1mb but we could still browse the web while streaming or even stream on multiple devices.  So any thoughts on why it crashes when we use it and doesn't come back up when we stop?  I stopped Netflix (for testing purposes) over half an hour ago and I'm still running about 1mb off the POE.
    Thanks for your help!
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