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  1. Hey all, I posted this on another thread but I wanted to also put it on a more general thread. Good reads, as you can see I'm a fairly new member so if this is old information I apologize, I attended a Hughes meeting last week and learned a few things. They are shooting for the end of this year early 2007 to roll out new Ka band service (E.g. spotbeam, E.g Wild Blue technology)! anyway if you're a Direcway egghead like myself this should interest you. http://www.hns.com/HUGHES/Doc/0/3L8QF906J0E4B29GPUD1F6S5A4/03-27-06_Hughes_Unveils_New_Comprehensive_Service_Brand.htm http://
  2. believe it or not Direcway and Directv are unrelated now. http://www.hughesnet.com/HUGHES/Doc/0/KSLHIN9I94N41E0JKTDVOUF86F/11-10-05_SkyTerra_to_Acquire_Remaining_50_Percent_of_HNS_from_DIRECTV.htm You will also begin to notice the phasing out of the name Direcway. Dtv (I suspect) wanted more money to be able to use the name Direcway, So Skyterra said HughesNet it is. Ive heard that that is going to be the new domain for new 7000 e-mail addresses and marketing has already began to get the name out.http://www.hns.com/HUGHES/Doc/0/3L8QF906J0E4B29GPUD1F6S5A4/03-27-06_Hughes_Unveils_New_Comprehen
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first post here (friend referred me), I am owner of a Direcway Installation/Repair company in Michigan. I have installers pretty much covering the whole state. My company is Via Satellite Solutions and our email address is [email protected] our hrs. M-Sat 8am-7pm EST. We pride ourselves on honesty and Integrity, when I first came to TestMy I went through and read ALOT of posts about Direcway, it appears that there are quite a few Installers in my industry giving my chosen profession a bad name. I would like to be given the chance to right some of those wrongs,
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