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  1. I use waterfox for doing tests and I limited the cache to 50MB, is that ok? I cant be in the computer all day clearing the cache when the auto test is running. Also I google and find that, but I dont have Command Prompt
  2. Hello Sean. Thank you for reply my thread! I couldn't find Command Prompt, maybe because I have Win 7 Home Premium (i dont know). Anyways I made one test from cmd this are the results: Im trying to do the video call but the call drop after 30s, I will edit this reply when I make it
  3. Hey coknuck, I just clear the cache and this are the results: Like always OOKLA lying
  4. Yes, they have a package of 50/6Mbps but it is hugely expensive. It costs 100 dollars more less, but I'm not sure if it will be worth it, regarding the quality of the plan I have now.
  5. Thx mudman! I start other thread here https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/32535-what-can-i-do/ hopefully I find the reason of my connection issues
  6. Hey there, here are my results https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=10212015&x=90&l=1000&q=Forrito As you can see I have a huge variance between tests, I paid for 12Mbps Down and 1.5Mbps Up, but avg is The connection fluctuates a lot making the task of talk with family by videocall or play MMO really painful. I already run TCP but the connection doesn't improved Im tired of this, the main problem is that here is the only ISP Any suggestion?
  7. Hello everybody! I use internet mainly for play games and skype and I found this amazing tool when I was trying to understand why I can't use videocall and stream on twitch. Sadly my ISP don't give me the speed that they have to Before TMN I didn't have solid info to claim my ISP because OOKLA (the speed test they use) always lies showing greats speed connection. Thanks for exist TMN !!!
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