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  1. Thanks. That could be it. It was just so sudden. Also, I noticed that every evening starting at 11pm the speed test on Hong Kong server will become normal again. It is about my work, they required that test should be made with the Hong Kong server.
  2. I have been using testmy.net (Hong Kong server) for about 2 months prior to signing up and the results were very similar to speedtest by ookla. I'm usually getting above 1.5mbps download and more than 650kpbs upload. I have a 2mbps package with a telco company here. Then a couple weeks ago until now I'm getting below 1 mbps. Usually below 600 kbps download while upload is pretty much ok. I tried power cycling my modem and router, and today I got a new modem from the Telco and I'm still getting very low download speed results while upload speed is generally ok. If I switched to other servers I will get a decent speeds for UL and DL but whenever I used Hong Kong server which I need to, the DL speed is very low. Any idea what's causing the problem whereas before it was ok with the Hong Kong server?
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