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  1. 200 upload is the best you will get with the pro plan. What is your download? High transmission failures can also be caused by a bad cable run. Are you hitting the FAP, you sound like a pretty heavy user. If your doing 10k a day in cc transactions and other things maybe you need a commercial package. Your transmit failures are high but will this service be acceptable even when running its best?
  2. good to see a happy ending. I assume your working from home ok now. Direcway is a good system as long as it is installed properly.
  3. those numbers look much better...glad to see it working out for you. the transmit failures still look a touch high, hopefully the rerouting of the wires this weekend will improve them even more. I think many users don't see the potential of the 7000 because of their grounding/cabling having issues.
  4. I had the same problem with my failed transmissions being so high and what solved it was remaking all the ends on my cables. do you know someone who can properly do that for you. I would also check that you are grounded properly. You need to get those failed transmissions down. here's what mine look like: Transmit Status Transmitter ready. (TxCode Number of Successful Transmissions 1330484 Number of Failed Transmissions 38738 Number of Packets Submitted for Transmission 238161 my transmit stats looked like yours before changing my ends, In the spring I'm going to install quad she
  5. It would be to bad for her to invest in another system thats starting up and will have it's own growing pains. Especially when her problem may be something as simple as a bad cable end. I didn't mean to take anything away from the help on this site I simply pointed out an alterative where she wouldn't get heckeled with the DW sucks postings and could possibly find other support to help her get back in business. Satellite sounds like her only option and I know how frustrating it is to be down when needed.
  6. Great reply to the problem, DirecWay will never be broadband but don't you think she would have cable or dsl if available. Its the only option for some of us and does work fine if you realize it has limitations. For great support go to copperhead.cc and join for $25 lifetime membership. you'll find people in the forum who have had DW for years and will help with problems without the useless comments like above. I am not affiliated with the site but am a member and they have helped me.
  7. proxy link http://kb.direcway.com/display/2/index.asp?c=12&cpc=dt2wJiVUQ8s0WMPyKTgW6Jd18xTb14qA4cNfr5EdxY0IfnR2&cid=3&cat=&catURL=&r=0.878338 lccu link http://kb.direcway.com/display/2/index.asp?c=12&cpc=dt2wJiVUQ8s0WMPyKTgW6Jd18xTb14qA4cNfr5EdxY0IfnR2&cid=3&cat=&catURL=&r=0.878338
  8. you mentiond your husband dowloading software for the modem. there is no software required for the 7000 modem it is self hosted. and changing the setting to 2 watts for you transmitter does not make it a 2 watt transmitter that is only for reference for tech support setup by the installer. you would need to physically change the transmitter.
  9. the numbers you posted are good numbers. 1000-1200 download is good and your upload should run 100-200 in general. upload is lower because you only send a small amount of info for a request and that is all that is needed. higher upload is better obviously but direcway only states up to 200 upload and up to 1000 download on a pro plan which is what you have if your fap is 350mb. I am also on 83W (amc9) on transponder 1310. I usually run 150 up and 1100 down which is close to what you posted. the satellites are overloaded and experience more problems duing the day andget faster at night. Do your
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