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  1. $49.95 a month Money well spent.
  2. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    Need a chat room.http://testmy.net/db/XYnNZ5dsq&f=1
  3. You can't beat my score.

    need more action here.
  4. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    120 fps for "world of tanks" game. fairly good average.
  5. Where Do You Live?

    Dallas , Pa. usa
  6. new average should be good for high score ??
  7. Got my new modem from xfinity today. Fixed my speed problems.$49.95 for blast plus.I was grandfathered from 2014
  8. That's like the perfect speed Zipferm. Good price Too.
  9. $160.00 a month . That's a car payment ?? You must be Rich. I cry that I have to pay $45 My average For $90 a month I can get over a gig.
  10. put the app on your desktop and adjust your connection speeds. You are all welcome. you will see a significant increase in you download speeds. Again the app is @ http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php This is my secret weapon for higher bandwidth. Till you know what you are doing with the app use the presets @ the bottom.
  11. Make sure you have this little app to balance and enhance your speed. http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php use as administrator. It's what I use.
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