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  1. If they gave out medals for best speed test site you would get the gold medal . My favorite place too find out my real speed . Don't forget the biggest thing that may run one or 2 tests is Internet congestion . Take at lest 10 tests throw out 1 or 2 low ones and there is your average . Internet congestion will always be there to ruin your test, no matter where you go on the net . Especially when a site is having a sale . https://testmy.net/HZcrp3HH9.png
  2. I think your speed test is more accurate . But everyone should do at least 10 speed tests . to get an accurate reading I throw out the real low ones or high ones. You will get a flyer 1 or 2 in ten tests . I blame that on web congestion. That's why I give you a donation . Don't say thanks for the donation you earned it . https://testmy.net/WILUHR-Mh.png
  3. Speed Test Plus Internet Speed & Quality Test DOWNLOAD 953.27 Mbps UPLOAD 17.91 Mbps LATENCY 30 ms JITTER 1 ms Your connection and line quality is Excellent Test Again
  4. Speakeasy.net gives me the same reading every time within 1 or 2 mb's. Only here do they change drastically About every 5 reading 100 Mb's . Speed Test Plus_ Internet Speed & Quality.html
  5. I'm using TCP Optimizer on windows 10 . Some of the settings on 10 have to be put in custom according to your ISP settings . Good luck figuring that out . I know one of them is take your amount of receiving ports up to 20 . Speed Test Plus_ Internet Speed & Quality.html
  6. Is anyone gonna update The fastest members board.
  7. https://testmy.net/db/LtEijGK3O I don't see the difference In the new modem and the old modem . Except the new modem costs more money to rent .
  8. Only bad thing is they sent white . I hide it under my desk .
  9. Just put in my new modem comcast sent me they just sent it . said I need it to get my full speeds Just put in my new modem comcast sent me they just sent it . said I need it to get my full speeds
  10. Come on somebody knock me off the top with a faster speed. ??
  11. 707.27 Mbps : 17.31 Mbps >>>>> download and upload . Let's get that member board speed updated ?
  12. Download version 4 for win 10
  13. SpeedGuide.net :: TCP Optimizer / Downloads >>>>>>>To increase speeds copy and paste in your browser >?✌?
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