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  1. Still having the issue where the upload portion of the test won't initialize... guess I'll find another way to log my upload problem.
  2. This issue has come back up... :\ I've logged out and back in three times now. Tests just fail to begin. Can't exactly log that Comcast is screwing me on upload at random times for hours on end if I can't find a test that works and isn't paid for by Comcast (speedtest.net). Hmm... switching from the DC (USEast) server to the TX (Central) server allowed a test to initialize and complete... almost instantly. However, trying to continue my usual "auto testing" is failing... Guess I need to manually test my upload every 30 minutes? ---______---
  3. For whatever reason, I found that logging out of the website fixed the issue. It has not happened again since then.
  4. For whatever reason, anytime I try to run an upload test normally, no matter what size I choose, and no matter which server I choose, the test never progresses (see attached screenshot). If I switch to multi-threaded tests, it works, but I'm wanting to try single thread because I'm trying to pinpoint my upload dropouts through Comcast. When I first started using this site a week ago, I did normal tests; it would only occasionally need to be forced to retest the upload. I got sick of it hanging up and needing to be forced to retest, so I tried multi-threaded. Ever since trying multi-threa
  5. After 14 months of a perfect 25 down, 5 up residential package with Comcast, since this past June, my upload has been showing similar results to what y'all are speaking of, and Comcast is giving me the same bullshit runaround. Even after corporate increased my package to the "blast" 80 down, 10 up, I'm still seeing inconsistencies pop up for a number of hours and then disappear and be completely fine for a while. It's making it impossible for me to stream to Twitch on a schedule. I'm not nearly as learned as you two are, testing using those various programs and such, but I know there's an
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