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  1. Hi all, I didn't get a response to my original post, but I thought I'd provide an update... Having experienced nearly three weeks of having dropped from a stable 40Mpbs connection down to a consistent 1 to 2 Mbps, and my ISP telling me that there was nothing wrong with the connection that they were providing, my modem dropped the connection this morning... then came back up at 40Mbps. It's only been back up to that speed for a few hours, but it's looking promising! When the connection dropped, I used my mobile phone to check my ISP's status page and, lo and
  2. Hi, Would someone be able to offer me any insights as to what might be going on with my (poor) Internet speeds, please. I've provided all info that I think is relevant, but please let me know if anything else is needed... I am based in Perth, Western Australia. As s starting point, with the speed tests mentioned below, I have run them with wifi turned off on my modem, and with a single PC connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable. I had all my telephone cables ripped out and rewired in early 2017, and the only device connected to the telephone wall-socket
  3. Thank you for your reply. It all makes sense now. I really appreciate the testmy.net service. Thanks, Innes
  4. Hi, I noticed this issue a few months ago when I first got NBN (25Mbps), and the same thing is happening now... If I log in to testmy.net and run a download speed test, I get results of around 6Mbps or thereabouts, fairly consistently. If I log out, and run the download test 'anonymously', I get results of around 20-25Mbps. This is 100% repeatable - I log in, and the download results show slow; I log out, and they show fast. I have run speed tests on quite a few other services, and I always get results of between 20-25 Mbps. If, relevant I'm base
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