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  1. Sorry for the technicalese. In other words also make sure your system is grounded well. It makes a difference.. Here in Florida most people are conscious of it as being the Lightning Capital around here. However in other parts of the country, installers and most people dont think about it. Good luck and happy tweaking............
  2. Another little item to possibly watch your systems for and that is the bonded ground that is "supposed" to be hooked up correctly by the system installer.
  3. Well I just upgraded from a DW6000 to the 7000.
  4. Are you trying to use Remote Desktop Connection
  5. I posted this as a reply earlier but I wanted to put it out for further discussion from anyone who would have some info as this is beginning to annoy me.
  6. Well, this is really freaking interesting. I happen to be reading the posts and noticed that you had a problem with the mail servers. Well as of last night I noticed two different things that occurred on my 6000, 1) I can no longer reach any of the mail servers, within the mail client or manually pinging them, I can ping other sites as well as have HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and Port 3389 (remote access) connectivity. 2) I noticed the DHCP server on the 6000 is not running. I couldnt get on my network so I had to statically assign the ip's on my machines temporarily so I could connect. I dont remember ( I have CRS ) having the ability as a user to start or stop the DHCP server manually, AND I noticed where the firewall was always set to off, is now ON. Are the rocket scientists from Dway up to their old tricks? Or does anyone else have any info.? I am NOT going to call India and be subjected to those idiots on level one.......... Anybody have a valid Level 2 incident code and telco number? This is most interesting.............
  7. They sent it to me today on my Gold Microsoft Action Pack Subscription. I will be happy when they get it to RC-2 Candidate status...... BTW do you know what happens when you play the CD that Microsoft sends backwards? Something about Paris Hilton..... DOH!
  8. OMG What are we going to do about our smoke detector batteries!?!?!?!?!?!? will they lock up too???? OMG dogs and cats living together,
  9. Sattech you are correct in your configuration of the Business plan. 1) Sparky is correct you do not need a crossover cable.
  10. Sounds like the DHCP server in the XP machine running ICS is conflicting with the DHCP server by default in the DW 6000.
  11. In the for all its worth department,
  12. The switch recommendation is the consensus.
  13. Your first response is not going to be your computers IP nor the local 127 addy,
  14. Hey Sparky, I also believe that a "single point reference ground" is the proper bonding issue according to NEC 2005 if memory serves me correct.
  15. Thats the problem with ALL technology and vertically associated markets nowadays and that is the outsourcing to New Delhi Call Centers.
  16. Well here is a reading from Horizon 127.................. I will tinker with it a bit more but this is a good result from the initial 765 Kbps earlier.
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