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  1. The most recent tech (who has become a great friend and preferred tech) installed it himself. When he's come out here, he's told me that everything is showing excellent signals. It's like TWC makes the internet work fine while the tech is there, but a day after tech visit, they flip a switch and it's back to the awful connection. Last night, my D/U was 18m/550kb. Today, as of this post, it's 21mb/5m. I limit my bandwidth on my PC because I play Destiny a lot, which requires solid connection. My upload is the major problem though.
  2. Hello, I've been having very awful upload speeds over the last few weeks, even worse today and yesterday. I pay for TWC's "Extreme Package" which is 35 down, 5 up. My download speed is fine, for the most part. However, I have been getting roughly 500kb - 1.5mb upload speeds. I have no idea what is going on. TWC stated that they are seeing weak signals on my modem system log, and about 10% packet loss. Is there anything that anyone can do to help me fix this issue?
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