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  1. I think the google IP was because I've been using the google compression proxy. Anyway, we checked cabling and it seems to be ok. With Testmy and Speedof it indicates my real world speeds are @ 6-10 Mbps DL....even when flipping speedtest indicated 30Mbps.
  2. I will certainly do that. Thank You. (Can you elaborate on my IP address changing frequently? How frequently and is there a tool where I can monitor over time?)
  3. When I do a WhatisMy IP search it does give me two addresses..must be the way its set up I guess. I also talked to my provider about erratic speed, timeouts etc. He thinks I may have a cabling issue. We're going to check that and then take stock of the situation. I will report back so as not to leave my thread hanging.
  4. I did a bunch of single thread tests and some multi ones. Then it proceeded to time out. I really appreciate your input although I am still unclear what my genuine effective download speed is from my provider. Close to the 8 or 9 figure? Or closer to 25 as they claim?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm not an expert in this though so I retain the right to be confused. My network access is a little strange. I'm in a rural area. There's a Time Warner pipe going to a local radio tower owned by my provider, SuperNet360. The connection between that tower and my home is via a radio signal transmitted to a receiver on my roof and then down to my Netgear Router. To eliminate my home network and router I am able to connect my pc or mac, directly via ethernet cable, to the radio receiver. I saw no difference when I eliminate my home network and router. I carried out the test to the San Jose server. (I'm in Los Angeles.) Linear Test was higher @ 8 Mbps Multithread was slower @ 11 Mbps I don't know how to interpret this.
  6. Ok, now I'm confused. When I've been doing some research it often suggests that multithread tests are not as accurate as single thread. I do the multithread test here and it says 25 Mbps I do the single thread test and it says 6Mbps I get slow loading and timeouts so it seems to me that I do not get 25 Mbps.
  7. Greetings. Time Warner tells me I'm getting 25 Mbps. To prove this they point to Speedtest.net. (Which I now believe is inaccurate.) Using Testmy.net it looks like my actual speed is @ 5 - 7 Mbps DL. And this is borne out by the time it takes for page loads. For example when I visit www.telegraph.com it takes between 30 and 45 seconds for the home page to DL completely. So, regarding a speed test. If I do a multithreaded test it shows around 25 Mbps, single thread @ 6 Mbps. (Similar to Speedtest.net.) Is the multithread test a special kind of test that doesn't apply to the real world? Is the multithread test therefore not a valid test? I'd like to understand. Thank You
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