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  1. :::.. testmy.net test results ..::: Download Connection is:: 11213 Kbps about 11.21 Mbps (tested with 12288 kB) Download Speed is:: 1369 kB/s Upload Connection is:: 1557 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Upload Speed is:: 190 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Main) Test Time:: 2008/06/10 - 6:37pm D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-2EMVYUQ75 U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-NVKPOIH13 User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; Zune 2.5) [!]
  2. Powerboost is a tool Comcast uses when you're downloading files. It helps keep the bandwidth open for faster speeds. In Washington State, if you have the 6000 tier, you go up to 10000; 8000 you go to 12000. More to come in the future. I know in different regions, the speeds are faster. There have been some problems, not many though. the main issue seems to be a lagged after the download. Doesn't last long, but for some gamers it's annoying.
  3. I am running Win XP SP2, Avast and Windows antivirus, with a Linksys wired router. My speeds are so slow, I may as well go back to dial up. When I had a Motorola SB 4100 modem, I had great downloads speeds, never below 4-5 Mbps. I have since added Comcast Digital Voice and now have an EMTA, and the best download speed I have gotten in over a month is 2.7 Mbps. I've considered going to Comcast's speedtier due to the telephone, but I can't even get close to the normal service now. Any ideas on what I can do to increase my speed?
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