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  1. If you suspect your ISP is throttling your connection, this usually happens depending on what kind of data is being transmitted, such as torrent use. You can test for this. If possible connect your computer to your modem/router using an ethernet cable, this will give you consistent results, unlike WiFi. Now run a speed test. After that, open a VPN client and re-run the test. If your connection is significantly faster while using the VPN, your ISP is very likely throttling your service. This trick works because ISPs often throttle speeds when they detect certain types of traffic, such as torrenting. However, because a VPN client encrypts your data, the ISP can’t see what you’re doing. There are of course many reasons for slower speeds other than ISP throttling, like traffic congestion at certain times, and connection issues in general.
  2. Hi TriRan, Many thanks for the reply. As you say geolocation isn't perfect, although to be honest it's not done so badly in this instance since it does at least show me to be in the east of the country. Sometimes on other sites I'm shown to be many hundreds of miles away from my actual location... not good in a tiny land like England!
  3. Hi there, Is it possible to somehow upload my actual location so that my test results are compared with those within my area? my town is listed in the database but my own test results show me to be many miles away and as a result are not entered into the database with others nearby. Many thanks
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