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  1. had Comcast Xfinity support here. I think I ended up with the right guy. First he checked for "leaks" at each TV - then we tested off the pole and said I needed a new line and changed the junction at House. The line was full of water from squirrel chewing. Still had a problem. So he ran a line to my modem from the pole direct. we had the modem outside the house. He said the problem is before it gets to my house so that means a different crew to do line work plus the auto call from Xfinity came to me to update that the outside line repair was in process and that I didn't need to be here. So I have service but hopefully it will be better soon.
  2. I have been trying to get better comcast service( I buy 105 ) as it seems to have degraded even though I have a new computer with Win 10 Pro. speed test i get 80 xfinity i get 120 test my net I Get 20 mps. ugh............ I just had the xfinity service call me from India to do follow up for a modem reset. I have an appt scheduled for sat. Just did another reset. But I can see slow pages - slow outlook emails and pics. I know its slow. I have an xfinity rented modem. I 'm on the Comcast provided modem/wireless router. ARRIS TG 862. I own a motorola buts its docs 2.0 and the Xfinity is 3.0 (but it also has that free wireless for everyone feature.) I understand they may have a newer modem ? would like to try that and I will bring that up with service guy
  3. Wireless - I'm on the Comcast provided modem/wireless router. ARRIS TG 862 - I used to have a linksys WG54 and a cisco e2500. Wired The older desktop I have decided to dump as I need upgrades for CadCam work and that needs better graphics card more mem and windows Pro OS. But to answer your possibilities. cabling is the same 1 vs 2, So I think the computer age (OS, and hardware) is probably what makes 1 slower than 2. But I was just curious as to what others thought. Thanks Im glad I found this site as an honest forum and a REAL test of speed even though I had used speed test for years
  4. I have a new-er Dell Dell Inspiron 15 with windows 8.1 download test when wired = 70 mbps ( wireless = 33 ) My desktop is Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 - about 5 years old download test off same cable router wired = 44 mbps I am looking at new desktops but why the difference in wired speed also is wireless always slower? ( I am within 5 ft from router ) thanks
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