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  1. Does anyone know how reliable and any tweaks for Ka band Satellite. I am thinking of switching to to Lincsat's Ka band.
  2. That is a fact, guess I must be getting old (thinking faster than I can type) hate when that happens
  3. diagnostic startup of that won't tell you wich drive it is. but if things work with just the basic drivers you know that it is a driver (which you know already) then just disable each driver one at a time and reboot run for awhile and if you don't get a crash you know which driver is the culpert. But it sounds like you know that already.
  4. ljweser

    Windows XP help

    is system restore working or did you disable it
  5. ljweser

    Windows XP help

    a proxy would apply to dial up as well.
  6. you can also use msconfig to diagnose the problem.
  7. Success at last took some doing but I got them to work. (graphics card need extra drivers) thought I would to give this piece of junk some major surgery (drop test) thanks for all your help.
  8. Thanks peepnklown I will give them a try and let you know how they work
  9. Any help getting these drivers would be greatly appreciated Video - SiS 5597/5598 Modem - LT Win Modem
  10. that works to make a bootable cd but makes the system think that it is a floppy drive, it can't see the win98 install files. so I did it the hard way formated the hard drive but it in my computer and copied the files accross then put it and a flopy drive in the first computer and booted from a floppy disk. thanks guys now just to find the correct video and odem drivers. found some on driverguide,com but they didn't work. Sooner or later I will find them. Thanks again for all the help.
  11. That's what Im trying to do but three failures already
  12. Biggest problem is no floppy drive so I have to make a bootable cd that boots into msdos somehow.
  13. Thanks peepnklown I will give this a try. let you know how it worked you're correct about the piracy thing we don't want to encourage piracy
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