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  1. Since10:40 GMT today the Automatic Speed Test set to use the Combined option no longer triggers the Upload test when the Download test is complete. Tried Desktop, Chrome, and Edge.
  2. I’m finding the results of the download speed test reported by the beta version is consistently about 5Mbps higher than the Old Version, which I’ve replicated on a second device running a different browser. I repeated the download test 3 times, switched version, repeated, and switched back and forth a few times. Oddly, the beta version is reporting download speeds higher than the router device claims it’s currently negotiated with the network.
  3. That’s odd since I did close the browser and check there were no background chrome processes running between my retests. But I restarted the device today and now cannot get this feature to misbehave. All therefore seems to be sorted. Thank you.
  4. The banner is now on show and left to its own devices the repetition of both download and upload tests occurs on schedule. The Force Re-Test and the End Test / Escape buttons works too. However the ‘count’ of test executions is off, with the first iteration identified as Test 1 of XX, the second iteration identified as Test 3 of XX, then next comes Test 5 of XX (or Done if only 5 times was requested); so only half the actual number of iterations requested are performed regardless of the mode being Download, Upload, or Both.
  5. Using the new version I can see the banner appear very briefly while Download Test #1 (256kb) is running (or even more briefly immediately after Test #1 is done), but it's removed as as soon as Test #1 ends or at the start of Download Test #2 or the start of Upload Test #1. Perhaps a screen clear is done instead of a frame clear.
  6. I tried capturing the Console Log from the point the auto test screen was called. Attached was what I got. Anything else I can do? ConsoleLog.txt
  7. I closed and restarted my browser, still no banner. Rebooted too. In fact I can’t get the auto test to run in the new version. I tested 5min intervals for 12 times for download only and only the first results are listed in Results view for the ConnectID 8079715222787. I’m running Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Home Version 1809 (OS Build 177663.437). I switched back to Old Version and reran this test and it’s all OK.
  8. When running the Automatic Speed Test we’re no longer seeing the top banner showing the latest test execution number of total planned, and the next expected execution time – with action buttons to stop the test and to force a re-test.
  9. I seem to be losing the odd download result too, not all, just some. Running auto combined every 15mins using London, GB server - a server which probably had issues recenty as 3 times my default has been switched to Dallas, Tx and the London, GB dissapeared. Only missing download results since that started, so could this related? ID 730904633462.
  10. I just spotted my Auto speed test that was well underway suddenly switched itself from London GB to Dallas Tx, so I stopped the test sequence and pressed the Test Servers link, but London GB was missing from the list of available Speed Test Servers. While preparing to post this new topic I saw London GB return to the list, which I could select it as my new Default, and I have now restarted my Auto test sequence. But why did it disappear and why did my default get changed? I‘ve seen my default switch before, happened a few days back. If the server went down momentarily then why not either fail the test and try again later, or temporarily switch the ‘Test server of choice’ to an alternative server but then switch back when the default is available again? Allow us to select the alternate or pre-define it, whatever.
  11. I'm having this same issue on two machines using Mozilla Firefox. I find removing the cookies is not helping, even if I ensure there are no testmy.net pages open and that I restart Firefox before visiting testmy.net/live again. However, if I sign out from testmy.net and visit that page then the time is shown correctly and if I sign back in again then the time is again wrong. I see nothing in the account or profile that can explain this and I tried getting Firefox to forget my username and password on the login page too. Perplexing.
  12. I use the Auto Speed Test feature of testmy.net a lot, to monitor every 15 minutes the upload and download performance of my poor performing fibre connection. I use a dedicated old laptop running Windows Vista (which I keep up to date) with Mozilla Firefox (which I keep up to date). The machine is wired to the router, Wi-Fi is switched off. In my house I have quite a few internet connected devices of all different types and I live in a rural area in the UK thought to use aluminium as well as copper cables en route to the nearest cabinet. Test results show the speed is periodically variable, though the underlining rate is usually clear to see. We have always suffered terminal connectivity issues; DSL sessions restarting, new browser requests failing while others still connect, periods when no browser on any device will work for short periods and then start-up inexplicably, periods when ping tests from the diagnostics page of the router gets 100% packet loss. Safe to say then that the connection itself is often unstable. While the Auto Speed Test is good at showing speed variations I often find that no results have been recorded and the browser tab running the Auto Speed Test is left showing a ‘Server not found’ error. When I press retry, the test resumes and is OK. Is there no way that the Auto Speed Test cannot be improved to be more resilient to connectivity failures? Are different browsers more resilient? I quite agree that technology like Adobe Flash or Java should not be used to perform the actual speed tests, but perhaps there is technology out there that could be used to help automatically recover failed speed tests. Recording such restarts though would be valuable evidence for my ISP.
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