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  1. http://www.i4u.com/article6427.html Why are we so dooomed? Are there still people out there hoping to get HFC by Verizon in their area? When I look at this, I think we are just day-dreaming too much for nothing. I think this is not fair. Where the hell are we, in 18th century?
  2. well, I said, "interesting"... that applies still, lol
  3. That's what I am talking about, it at least make things possible to work. I think the price is still high though compared to what those other countries like Japan or Korea are getting these days. How soon are we going to have HFC all over the US?
  4. that sucks man, I can't believe that you are so happy about it. Guess how much you are still paying for, and your uploading speed isn't near what they are advertising for. Before the upgrade, they used to upgrade all the customers with 512kb/sec uploading speed if they had a cable TV. Now, they downgrade it, and that is what you get for additonal $10. We are the gayest country when it comes to an internet speed. I am so upset.
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