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  1. We have 3 computers here, one is a laptop that is never on. the other one is on all the time same as this one is, however I have never used it for a testmy.net speed test. I thought I had it stopped, but tonight my service was slow again so I went in and tried to do a DOWNLOAD speed test. After several minutes I gave up because it was not doing anything. I shut my moden/router off, that did not help, I shut the modem/router off and disconnected from the power for about a minuted. Started it up again, it helped the speed a bit. I went into testmy. net again and checked the "Database speed test recent results". The tests are constant, however, my modem is not always active. IS THIS "DATABASE SPEED TEST RECENT RESULTS" THAT I AM LOOKING FOR MY COMPUTER? I was sure that I had it stopped but if this info is for my my email address then I do not have it stopped. I apologize for being such a pain in the a##, but I am ready to throw AOL out the window and I have been with them for about 15 years because every night our service is super slow and often during the day as well. Wes Mundle
  2. Thank you. I had it on my desktop and possibly that is why it was running, I removed it from there but it still continued, I did find a "End Test" button in Automatic Testing Group and clicked that, hopefully it will stop, it was going continually.
  3. I must have accidentally started automatic speed testing, it is now, and has been for several weeks constantly speed testing, it is almost like non-stop. Can someone please tell me how to STOP it. Thanks. Wes
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