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  1. I'm trying to find a reliable site for speed testing my internet service and I think this site comes over as the most serious one I've encountered I have just agreed a new term of 2years at a better than before cost but find that my speed has "co-incidentally" declined by 1Mbs. After a long protracted argument with my provider, I have had the speed increased very close to 5Mbs which is round about what I'm used to. Whereas they have admitted that I had previously been capped at 4Mbs I think I have "won"a cap to 5Mbs.! I intend to collect results over a period of time and try to establish that I am in fact capped at 5Mbs. I live 2 miles from the exchange and my provider advertises "up to" 17 Mbs. My argument is that to get close to that figure, I would have to enter the exchange building and set up inside. I would be grateful for any advice that will help in this task thank you.
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