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  1. If it's ADSL it depends on how far you are from the exchange you're connected to and the quality of your line.

    Your ISP should be advertising it as "UP TO 24 Mbps", did you have a closer look?

    I got caught out with this, I live in rural France and was promised ADSL 8Mbps and a relevant upload when I signed with Cegetel, and being only 450 meters from my exchange I foolishly believed them.

    To my surprise 2432 / 320 Kbps is all they could offer...

    Since I have changed to Wanadoo.fr I don't appear to have gained any speed, but the connection seems to be more stable.

    Needing a better upload than the 210Kbps I average, I asked / begged my ISP if there was any way I could have a lower download, and increase the up "impossible" I was told. Can any of you knowledgeable types confirm this???

  2. Hello,

    SuDsY here, new to testmy.net (although I've been using the tests for a while)

    I've got a couple of questions you guys may be able to help with / laugh at me for asking... :-D

    Living in rural France I am subscribed to the fastest ADSL package I could get through Wanadoo.fr 2432 / 320

    Although I often obtain 90% of the providers average on my downloads, I am struggling to get close with my upload, often only getting between 200 and 260.

    I've done the Cablenut thing and had a tweak here and there, and I have noticed a difference.

    As I play a lot of Halo on Xbox Live the upload if of prime importance when it comes to hosting and playing.

    Now I have to opportunity to have 2 ADSL connections, 1 through Ethernet modem / router, and 1 through a USB modem.

    Sounds unlikely, but is there anyway of sharing these 2 connections on my PC network so that they are both used for internet connectivity at the same time...?

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