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  1. something is definitely wrong... after reformatting... still the same or lower results...
  2. i reformatted my desktop. installed steam / dota2, ms office, chrome, enabled windows firewall and defender... i'll check my speed now... (fingers crossed) :-s
  3. so, connection no.1 = black box > router a > cable connection cat6 to desktop connection no.2 = black box > cable connected to the wall ( i'm not quite sure if cat 5 / 6 ) > cable from wall to router b in the tests here i'm using the desktop that is connected to router a ( other users also connects here ), the iphone is connected to router b. multiple users on router a only an android tab, samsung mobile, iphone, and chromecast connected on router b tests done on desktop was made with router a and no other users were at home
  4. i just noticed, if the speed and duplex is set to 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex and i connect it to the black box (where the router is connected) it isn't recognizing that there's an ethernet cable... so i put it back to auto negotiation for the mean time...
  5. Hi again! For some strange reason, i read something about "nvoawrappercache.exe"... one site said it was prolly a threat so i went to msconfig > disabled dropbox update, utorrent, dropbox, acrotray - adobe acrobat distiller helper application, adobe updater startup utility, and nvidia backend... my speed now reaches double digits... @[email protected]
  6. Wow! Following your advice sir TriRan, my ave now is 7 instead of less than 5. I changed the speed and duplex from auto negotiation to 1.0 Gbps Full Duplex. I just have to run around the house looking for a spare cable. Thanks! ^,...,^
  7. Hello again! after the scan results are still less than 5Mbps...
  8. Hi sir! thank you for the response. I removed unnecessary files and freed some 80gb of space. I'm running the f-secure online scan now. Will update you folks asap. Also, the qos isn't enabled as of the moment. Thanks! \m/
  9. hi mates! i was just wondering if someone could assist me with my problem. Our connection is capped at 32/1 megabits per sec. When using my iphone, the results are somewhat near but if i'm using the pc that is connected through a cable to the router, the results are tremendously low!!! Like 5mbps or less. I tried using the tcp optimizer but nothing happens. I'm running win7 as of the moment. Firewalls are set on by default (windows firewall i think). Maleware bytes are turned of during the test. Dropbox also turned off. Torrents also halted. Please help. Th
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