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  1. Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    To further this: how do you deal with Comcast support when they want you to use speedtest? Again, in my case, both testing methods are in the ballpark for downloads but upload on speedtest are 10x higher than tmn. any suggestions?
  2. Very slow upload speeds

    I am experiencing the same problem. I tried speedtest.net just for verification and I have completely different results.
  3. Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    Just did a test. 162.3 up 1.4 down - really? did speedtest: 342 up 16.5 down i dont intend to believe what makes me happy. but the disparity is incredible. any suggestons?
  4. Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    I agree with you. But I can't be sure I'll be accessing data on the same area as the test. I'm not questioning the validity of the test just confirming that the test doesn't necessary reflect what might actually be happening in day-to-day usage since I can't predict what route the service is on. Thanks for your patient responses.
  5. Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    So I guess my point is getting good results doesn't necessarily reflect actual performance. Is that fair to say?
  6. Difference Between Speed Test Sites?

    I see significant differences amongst the test sites. DC is significantly faster than Dallas, for example. I live in Nashville. That said does that have anything to do with my service? Where does my provider (comcast) connect me? I hope I'm being clear... http://testmy.net/compID/677523761700
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