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  1. hmmm, thats funny my total is $70 (that includes the phone/internet/taxes/surcharges). But if the speed is 6megs that is better than mines since I have the ultra package which runs at $32.95 and with the registry tweaks I get 3megs (I pay for 1.5megs ). The phone bill (stated in the first post is around $37 so it totals at $70). But wait are you saying that Earthlink sells comcast at $45.95 at 6 megs or is Comcast still the dominant provider, because I know that 6megs/384kbps is 42.95 for cable tv customers. However, I do not have comcast cable and my rates would go for $57.95 in my area for a slower download (same upload), so comcast charges well over bellsouth (nearly twice as much).
  2. Well you guys have confirmed what bellsouth has told me about my connection and phone, I think that if the service is not worth the price (i.e. the internet goes down every once in awhile and the price is too high for just phone and caller ID) I might go on to cable. However, Comcast is the only other cable provider and is very expensive if you don't have their cable tv, but their internet is extremely reliable and I have heard rumors that they are going to upgrade services such as a 1.5mb upload (which is the only thing I really want cause i'm a gamer and like to play online). Hopefully, some competition on part of Comcast will get bellsouth to rethink about their service in my area becuase all in all I just want a great speed but at a reasonable price. I want to know though if I ask my tele co. to just give me the phone line with a dial tone (meaning $10 per month), would my taxes still be at $20 or would it be adjusted to the $10? Oh and thanks for the welcome tommie gorman
  3. Well I don't like bellsouth for crap, I hate them so much because they barely like to upgrade and are very ambiguous to their customers, and their tech support can't do more than what they are told to do. My problem is this and I want to see what you guys can tell me. I want to lower my phone costs by switching to lingo or a VOIP, because bellsouth phone is nearly $40, which is a piece of shit when I only ask for the $10 phone line and $10 caller ID, which totals $20. This doesn't make sense and is a rip if you ask me since the extra $20 is from a bunch of BS surcharges and taxes that bellsouth puts on the bill. So I want to get lingo so I only get charged for $20 a month (like this i can upgrade my internet), but what Bellsouth tech support is telling me is that I need a bellsouth phone active in order to have bellsouth DSL, but why pay for their phone when you only want their internet. I would like to ask anybody else who has bellsouth dsl if they use a VOIP and not their phone service. Cause I want to be sure before I go off the limb and get lingo and turn out to be still paying for bellsouth phone service because I need the phone line to have the dsl and hence still pay for the VOIP. Which would be a total rip on part of bellsouth.
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