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  1. LR

    Best Free Anti-Virus

    Necroposts get most people mad. On this whole topic of antivirus - which is most effective - I think its fair to say that since the thread began all those years ago, all vendors are now really struggling to keep up with the current threat landscape. Today there should be much more focus on blocking malicious sites and code at the network level, rather than solely on the host machine, especially with the growing number of IoT devices around any household which have no other form of protection.
  2. LR

    Best Free Anti-Virus

    Eeep Surry. Did some 1am blurry eyed skim reading, didn't realise how far back this active thread went Forgive and forget?
  3. LR

    Best Free Anti-Virus

    Right there with ya matey, I got the joke.
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