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  1. Wooooooooow CA3LE I am impressed by your speed and the detailed information on how to do what I asked, really appreciate your help. Currently I am taking holidays for 2 weeks so can't proceed with the testing but will as soon as I can, thanks again. Brad.-
  2. I am in Montevideo, Uruguay, my ISP is ANTEL. I noticed throughput results (specifically download throughput) are very much lower than those obtained using http://www.speedtest.net/ My guess is that testmy gauges downloads from different servers, while speedtest I am pretty sure chooses the nearest servers. As my interest is gauge throughput downloading from Netflix servers (I get crappy quality from Netflix while getting 20 Mbps from speedtest). So what should I do to pinpoint where the bottleneck is? Thanks and please be patient with a new user
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