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    Tizyer got a reaction from facebook in Talktalk fibre not impressed!!!   
    After having ongoing problems with my line and broadband since 27/09/2015 (before this we had 7.5 Mbps)including 3.5 week no phone or broadband! When we had been told by Openreach they had sorted the fault which they caused only to find they had connected us to another house in our village!
    since all this has started oh I forgot to add the problems started when Openreach were working on the feeder pillar in our lane. We have had poor to nonexistent phone and broadband in the end to improve things we moved to fibre and after the live date 10 days ago we had no broadband!! After many calls to talktalk we have had a Openreach engineer find nothing wrong with the line and he tried 2 talktalk routers but no luck! Another call to talktalk and we start the Groundhog Day of going round in circles again. An engineer was required but after over a week has not called the router now has started working by itself at first very intermittent but now solid with the speeds shown below.
    Talktalk Superfast broadband I think not!!#%#

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