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    Ben Williams reacted to CA3LE in What does NFW mean?   
    NFW means "No ForWard" -- the test will stick to the size you specify and won't automatically forward when it might otherwise.  Note: under certain circumstances it may forward, for example, there are minimum criteria for test size (6 MB download, 1.5 MB upload).
    Sorry, right now 100 is the max.  If you extend the time between each test you can get 100 days.
    One of the reasons it's set that way is because I don't want people mindlessly forgetting about the test.  Here's what I can do instead of that limit.  The next version can allow longer duration but will periodically email you to remind you that it's running.  If you've set a test over a month long duration, it could email you the log once a day.
    It's actually built in to allow more time... but you have to know that to make it work that way.  I'll PM you a link.
    I'll work on giving you more options to extend the time in upcoming versions.
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    Ben Williams reacted to steve23094 in What does NFW mean?   
    I got your link and am using it now.  Thanks very much for your quick and helpful reply.
    I use OS X and was looking for a native app, the only one I could find was called 'Network Logger Pro'.  Unfortunately I had to return it for a refund because I just couldn't get on with the interface, it wasn't designed well at all.  Your website is most useful and well laid out, keep up the good work.
    I'm curious how you make money, do you sell the data back to ISPs?  I'm okay with this I'm just wondering out loud.
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    Ben Williams reacted to CA3LE in What does NFW mean?   
    No problem, glad to help.  Thank you too.
    I sell advertising but try to not over do it.  Huge segments of TMN's traffic never even see an ad.
    ISPs and other entities have offered to pay for analytics, many times.  Instead of just giving them what they want I'm building TMN to do it for me.  Instead of sharing the information with only those who pay for it TMN aims to share all of its collected information with everyone, for free.   (within the privacy policy guidelines of course) -- with help from those requests the information presented here will become more and more detailed in future versions.
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