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  1. Thanks Sean. The main thing i need to ensure is that the android unit remains online. any tips here? I haven't tested it plugged in yet (which it would be usually), but unplugged it did eventually go offline and i could not connect until i pressed the power button, at which point it woke up instantly. Obviously i need to prevent the unit from going permanently offline, and ideally without depending on power (so that any power interruptions do affect it) Thanks again for all your comments.
  2. Just managed to get Teamviewer working, controlling an android device from my pc, seems to work fine. Any tips on making the android device stable for unattended connection? Thanks again
  3. The customer I don't think will be relevant, it's just me doing the testing. I will leave one device (eg windows tablet) plugged in and running unattended in some cupboard. I would connect to this device remotely from miles away, just to check on the status of the network. Cheers
  4. Thanks good tip. Is there a particular advantage of a windows tablet over android in terms of unattended stability? I want to be able to leave the device unattended indefinitely. Teamviewer allegedly works on android (though it has failed to install on 2 android devices i tried it on) I'm guessing windows is more stable but expert opinions appreciated...thanks
  5. Thanks, that could be an option. Ideally I'd have something like that that i can power eg from the routers own USB port. A quick google suggests there maybe options on android devices (since they're cheap)
  6. hi there, I need to monitor an Internet connection remotely, using as little hardware as possible. I was wondering if there's any way to access results remotely or post them somehow. I.m thinking to leave a smartphone plugged in and running this. Reason is i run a b&b type service remotely and need to check on guest claims about internet issues. Any tips welcome. cheers Alex
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