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  1. I had NAV 2000 upgraded to 2002 and now I have 2004.
  2. Well, I am almost at D-Day, I must decide to renew my Norton Anti Virus or go with the free SBC-Yahoo DSL Anti Virus. I really want to try SBC, but have mixed feelings about uninstalling Norton. I feel fully confident that I have the knowldege to download apps from the net. I have done it many times. However, I have read that many people have trouble uninstalling Norton AV. crashes, unable to get back on the net, freezes and the inability to load another AV due to parts of NAV remaining. Question: Do the members of this forum feel that I should uninstall NAV if I follow the instru
  3. About 2 weeks ago, I came to this forum with a problem. My download speeds were very satisfactory and in line with tests from other sites. My upload speed was unsatsisfactory and much lower than tests from other sites. I was advised to clean my cache, temp. files, etc. It did not help. This morning, I tested again and download is consistent with past tests. After I start the upload test, I get a warning "Oops, your selected test file size is too large....... this mirror (I am not testing a mirror) you have been redirected to the server at test my net. My test score has increased and is
  4. richc46, my first name Richard, first letter of my last name and finally the year I was born.
  5. I found your post because I am having the same exact problem. Although this is only my 4th post, I have already been given some help. Thanks to tommie, my upload speed has increased from 45% of average to 85%. Not a perfect score, but by definition, someone has to be below average. Tommie told me to clean my temporary files and history, but most importantly shut off Norton and my firewall. This helped me, hope it helps you too. In addition, do not use the smart test, use the next largest file, gives the computer time to work.
  6. Thank you so very much for your help, tommie. I shut down Norton and Zone alarm, in addition, I took the tests that you suggested. My results are as follows: DL 2310 Kbps UP 213 Kbps DL was in line with results from other test sites and 15% above the average for SBC. 213 was 85% of the average, and below my usual 325-400. Worst case scenario is that this site is giving me correct readings while others are not. I guess, by definition, someone has to be below average.
  7. Tommie, thanks for the quick response and the welcome. I followed your instructions and my speed did increase, but I am still way below results from other sites. Any other advice?
  8. I finally decided to get my feet wet with DSL. After 5 years with dial up, I switched to ATT Yahoo Pro. I was very happy with my results and have been checking my speed at other web sites. I have been averaging about 2.0 Mbps and 350kbps, which is in the range of what I was offered. I found this site, which I like very much tested and my download was a bit better than some of the other tests that I have taken, but withing normal limits. Upload is much worse on this site. I am getting about 75% of the average user, or about 200kbps. Can anyone explain or help me with this dis
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